Thursday, February 1, 2007

EADS/Airbus waging 'deceptive' campaign in US, senator says

"'Today I am detailing my concerns before the full Senate because EADS and Airbus have launched a deceptive PR and lobbying campaign to convince the U.S. government that it is essentially an American company,' a US senator said in a landmark speech.

"'The Airbus campaign of half-truths is on full display as the company works overtime in Washington, DC to recreate a competition they already lost to build the next generation refueling tanker for the Air Force,' said Senator Patty Murray.

"The Democrat from Washington state could have been speaking today about the Airbus A330 tanker - propagandistically re-named the Northrop Grumman KC-30. But she delivered her words nearly three years ago, in May 2004." [Pictured: EADS North America CEO and lobbyist Ralph Crosby.]

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